VIP/Executive Protection

At Pro Protection Security, we offer elite Law Enforcement Personnel for VIP and Executive protection. In today’s political climate, there is a growing threat of domestic terrorism and violence. There are also a number of risks that pose significant concern to high profile individuals such as celebrities and executives. To combat these risks, we have the highest qualified protection officers for your security and safety needs. Our officers have extensive and various training backgrounds including military, law enforcement and martial arts. We come up with a detailed strategic plan and assign you a specific person or security detail team that meets with your demands and expectations.

Unfortunately, some high profile clients may be suddenly targeted by criminals. To address these situations, we have an on-call staff that can meet your concerns instantly. We can place security teams for our clients and their families as well as their residences.

In addition, we have a fleet of all types of vehicles for our clients including trucks and multiple-passenger security vans. We also have access to private jets for your secure air transportation.

Our CEO, Christopher Innace, and our Vice President, Christopher Alger are both certified and trained through the NYPD for Diplomatic and Dignitary driving and protection.