Special Events

At Pro Protection Security, our staff has expertise in handling all types of special events. No event is too small or big as we cover all aspects. A major asset in our company is that the majority of our employees have a law enforcement background in which they bring professionalism and experience to any special event.

Our officers have worked events such as Presidential motorcades, UN General Assembly, The New York City Marathon, The NFL draft, movie premieres, Broadway premieres, The Belmont Stakes, concerts, sporting events, parades, fashion shows, red carpet events, store openings, charity events, celebrity appearances and signings among countless other special events.

A strategic and effective plan will be executed between our staff and the events coordinator as well as the venue/facility manager. Crowd management, access control, communication equipment, VIP protection, traffic control, emergency medical operations, evacuations, fire prevention, terrorist/bomb threats, hazardous materials and fixed security posts are just an example of some of the details covered in pre-event briefings.

In addition, air and ground transportation can be provided for your clients and guests.

Please call us at 631-439-6842 for further information or to set up an appointment regarding your next special event.