In addition to the extensive knowledge and experience that our employees possess at Pro Protection Security, everyone is required to complete a detailed training course that meets with our company and industry standards. Security is ever evolving and our employees are trained with the latest equipment and technology.

Pre-assignment training, on-the-job training, in-service training, drills/scenarios, defensive tactics, use of force and physical fitness programs are all part of our effective training program.

The Pro Protection Security Special Event Training Course covers many topics and prepares our employees for the different challenges that may occur. Assessment, emergency planning, counter terrorism, patrol techniques, VIP protection, hazardous materials, bomb threats, hostage situations, crowd management, access control, communications, traffic control, emergency medical operations, evacuation, fixed posts, alarm systems, fire prevention, public relations, pre-event briefings and post-event briefings are some of the integral topics covered in this course.

Ask us about specific training classes/courses offered for our clients’ employees. We cover topics such as Workplace Violence, Security Awareness, Sexual Harassment, Employee Safety, Supervision, Diffusing Confrontations and Customer Service. We customize the training program to our clients’ needs. Our lead instructor has been featured in Forbes Magazine for his Security Awareness training program.

Training classes are also available for prospective employees and students interested in the Private Security and Law Enforcement field.

Please inquire at 631-439-6842 for further information.