Company Bio

Christopher Innace
Chief Executive Officer / President

Mr. Christopher Innace, CEO of Pro Protection Security Inc., is a Certified Protection Officer (CPO) and active Police Officer with 24 years of law enforcement experience and over 30 years of private security experience. Mr. Innace holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Private Security from York College of Pennsylvania. He has been published multiple times in security training manuals, articles and books such as Security Supervision and Management, Theory and Practice of Asset Protection. Mr. Innace spent the first 8 ½ years of his law enforcement career as a Police Officer with the New York City Police Department (NYPD). His assignments included working with the NYPD Grand Larceny Auto Unit, NYPD Anti-Crime Unit and eventually promotion into the NYPD Detective Bureau. Mr. Innace has completed multiple training courses with the NYPD including Detective School, Dignitary/Diplomatic protection, Criminal Investigation, Counter-Terrorism, Interviewing/Interrogating courses, Auto Crime School, Plainclothes training, Organized Crime Control Bureau (OCCB) course and narcotics training. Mr. Innace transferred from the NYPD and is currently a Police Officer with the Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) completing numerous training classes such as Active Shooter, Hostage Negotiation, School Safety and Fire Protection and Safety. Mr. Innace is the Police Director for the Police Activity/Athletic League (P.A.L.). He has worked plainclothes assignments with the NCPD and is a Certified First Responder in New York State. Mr. Innace has worked and lead teams at many private security events such as the NFL Draft, Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows, movie premieres, concerts and red carpet events among many others. In addition, he has worked in different security capacities in corporate buildings, high end retail stores and as a loss prevention agent. Mr. Innace has also been a bodyguard for many celebrities, athletes and executives and holds a New York State Watch Guard License. Mr. Christopher Innace has received multiple awards from both the NYPD and NCPD. Mr. Innace holds memberships with the International Foundation of Protection Officers, ASIS and National Law Enforcement Association as well as serving on the board for many athletic organizations.

Christopher Alger, Vice President

Christopher Alger, Vice President of Pro Protection Security has over 30 years of law enforcement, security and executive protection experience. Mr. Alger assists with the development of security policies company wide and maintains executive management oversight of Pro Protection Security operations. In addition, he works hands on with each client to maintain and ensure these relationships remain strong and responsive throughout the Pro Protection team. Mr. Alger retired from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) after a distinguished 25 year career serving as a 1st Grade Detective in the Queens Robbery Squad where he investigated thousands of cases and high profile pattern robberies. In addition, he has assisted in numerous Homicide, burglary, grand larceny, fraud, narcotic, gang and special victims related cases. Mr. Alger is considered an interrogation and interview expert recognized and certified by NYS. Mr. Alger was a Detective Endowment union delegate representative bringing years of business knowledge to the business sector. Mr. Christopher Alger has received numerous awards during his distinguished career including the Exceptional Merit award, Commendations and Meritorious Police Duty. He has received the Police Commissioners Life Saving award and was appointed to the Police Commissioner’s Advisory Panel. Mr. Alger has received the Officer of the month award as well as the Detective of the month award. He maintains this high level of professionalism and integrity as shown throughout his career at the NYPD. Mr. Alger holds memberships with the Detective Endowment Association, Fraternal Order of Police, ASIS and the National Law Enforcement Association.

Sharyn Sabel, Director of Operations

Sharyn Sabel, Director of Operations of Pro Protection Security, has over 25 years of law enforcement and private security experience. Ms. Sabel is a retired Detective with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and has received numerous awards and certifications. She specialized in robbery investigations where she worked in the Queens Robbery Squad and Central Robbery Squad. Ms. Sabel also worked in the Detectives Training Unit, where she facilitated the world known NYPD Detectives Homicide Course. In addition, Ms. Sabel also worked for Chief of Detectives Central Investigations Resource Division, where she assisted in the revamping of the NYPD Mugshot Viewing software. Sharyn also sat on the executive board of the NYPD Policewomen’s Endowment Association as the Events Coordinator, Treasurer and Vice President. She was dedicated in preserving the history of policewomen in the NYPD as well as paving the way for future officers. She has received multiple training with the NYPD in which she uses that knowledge as a leader in the security field. Ms. Sabel was named as a Women in Construction (Security Services) Ambassador in 2019. Ms. Sabel helps in the day to day operations as well as human resources and heads our training department.

Salvatore Innace, Director of Special Event Security

Salvatore Innace, Director of Security of Pro Protection Security Inc., has over 40 years of security experience. Salvatore is an expert in special event security and has supervised numerous events throughout his career. His career consists of being a bodyguard, supervising a security transportation company and working for the Teamsters in transportation. Salvatore has received numerous security and transportation awards over his prestigious career. Mr. Salvatore Innace has lead security teams in numerous high-profile events and is in charge of Pro Protection Security special events at multiple venues across New York City and Long Island.

Frank DiPreta, Operations Manager

Frank DiPreta, Operations Manager of Pro Protection Security, has over 30 years of law enforcement, security and executive protection experience. Frank DiPreta assists with the development of security operations accounts, and corporate contracts.
Mr. DiPreta retired from the New York City Police Department (NYPD) as a Lieutenant after a distinguished career. Mr. DiPreta was the Special Operations Lieutenant is charge of multiple special assignment teams including anit-crime, burglary, robbery and narcotics teams. He holds numerous certifications and training such as counter surveillance, intelligence, active shooter among many others. Upon retirement, Mr. Dipreta has conducted numerous security operations providing protection for Dignitaries, Heads of State as well as high profile celebrities. He has received numerous awards during his distinguished career. Mr. DiPreta brings to Pro Protection Security Inc. a high level of professionalism and integrity. He also holds memberships with the Lieutenant Benevolent Association, IFPO and ASIS.

Victor Bonilla, Business Relations Manager

Victor Bonilla, Business Relations Manager of Pro Protection Security, is an established award-winning experienced sales and marketing professional. Mr. Bonilla holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University. His law enforcement experience includes working for the Suffolk County Sheriff Department in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. Bonilla is an asset in regard to working within the business communities and developing security plans. He is certified in many professional sales strategies and is fluent in Spanish. Mr. Bonilla has received multiple business awards.

Steve Callahan, Executive Account Manager

Steve Callahan, Executive Account Manager, started his career with the New York City Police Department (NYPD) before transferring to the the Port Authority of any NY & NJ Police Department (PAPD). Mr. Callahan has over 25 years of law enforcement and security experience. He is considered a school safety and physical security expert. Steve Callahan has extensive operational experience in the fields of Public Security, Aviation Security, Transportation Security, Fire fighting, emergency communications and dispatching planning an incident command. Mr. Callahan holds certifications in Active Shooter, Weapons of Mass Destruction and crowd control among many others. Mr. Callahan has received numerous awards and held a position on the PAPD PBA Executive Board. Mr. Callahan holds memberships IFPO and ASIS.