Beach Festivals and Concerts

Beach festivals and concerts include many risks regarding security. The proper and effective supervision during beach festivals and concerts is a key component to any successful security operation.

Effective crowd management is a major step in avoiding a disaster during any special event. Access control is also a key component as to who is allowed onto the premise or allowed into a particular event or party. Criteria for getting into a facility can include tickets or a guest list.

Other risks include terrorism, medical emergencies, fires and traffic concerns to name a few.

At Protection Security Inc., our security management team manages the above. A strategic and effective plan will be executed between our staff and the events coordinator as well as the venue/facility manager. Crowd management, access control, communication equipment, VIP protection, traffic control, emergency medical operations, evacuations, fire prevention, terrorist/bomb threats, hazardous materials and fixed security posts are just an example of some of the details covered in pre-event briefings.

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