K-9 Detection Dogs

About Detection Dogs

Detection dogs/canines (K-9) are trained to find specific odors and indicate their presence to the handler. Dogs have 300 million receptors, humans have only 5 million; this means that a dog’s nose is significantly more sensitive than ours and can find even trace amounts of the substances they are trained to find. Dogs can quickly and accurately sweep large areas, vehicles, rooms, furniture, bags, luggage, cargo, and more!

Our Teams

Our detection handlers are highly qualified and possess the skills and demeanor to adapt to any work environment. Each handler undergoes a background check, is required to maintain a New York State Security or Peace Officer license and TWIC (Transportation Workers ID Credential) card. Our teams certify annually through a nationally recognized, third-party organization to keep our program to the highest standard.

Our teams have worked in airports, schools, hospitals, conventions, events, businesses, and private homes. We regularly secure outgoing flights for high profile clientele, sweep schools regularly and before exams or events for the presence of drugs or explosives, sweep rehabilitation centers and hospitals for narcotics, check seaports and major cruise lines, and secure major events by checking bags and securing the areas prior to the beginning of the event.

Detection Services

Explosives Detection

We are proud to offer a team of highly qualified dogs and handlers available for both public and private clients. Our teams train for several hours each week on all five explosive families and homemade explosives (HME); each team is certified annually to make sure that they are working at maximum efficiency and reliability. Each handler is experienced in the field and is trained to follow protocols set in place by the client as determined by local and federal regulations.

Narcotics Detection

We are dedicated to keeping our community safe and drug-free. We regularly work with schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, businesses and private residences to help find any illicit substances that may be hidden throughout the area. Narcotics detection dogs also act as a great deterrent to people that may be considering bringing these drugs to a location that is checked regularly. It is important to note that we are not affiliated with any law enforcement so any finds that our dogs may make are kept completely confidential; in the event of an alert, the handler will notify the client of the suspected location of the drug and then it is completely up to the client as to what steps they would like to take. Our dogs are trained to detect marijuana, THC vape cartridges, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, PCP, benzodiazepines, and various derivatives of these compounds.