Fashion & Red Carpet Events

Fashion and Red carpet events pose a unique set of challenges. There are many potential risks such as violent crowds. Effective crowd management is a major step in avoiding a disaster during any special event. We identify the five different types of crowds for rapid intervention:

  • Acquisitive Crowd
  • Expressive Crowd
  • Spectator Crowd
  • Hostile Crowd
  • Escape Crowd

Pro Protection Security staff also notes the five psychological of crowd members:

  • Security
  • Suggestion
  • Novelty
  • Loss of Identity
  • Release of emotions

At Pro Protection Security, our staff has expertise in handling all types of special events. No event is too small or big as we cover all aspects. A major asset in our company is that the majority of our employees have a law enforcement background in which they bring professionalism and experience to any special event.

A strategic and effective plan will be executed between our staff and the events coordinator as well as the venue/facility manager. Crowd management, access control, communication equipment, VIP protection, traffic control, emergency medical operations, evacuations, fire prevention, terrorist/bomb threats, hazardous materials and fixed security posts are just an example of some of the details covered in pre-event briefings.

In addition, air and ground transportation can be provided for your clients and guests.

Please call us at 631-439-6842 for further information or to set up an appointment regarding your next fashion or red carpet.