School District Security

In recent years, school districts have been dealing with a myriad of issues not just pertaining to school shootings. Gangs, drugs, violence, bullying and cyber bullying are just some of the problems facing schools today. Schools are increasingly under siege and social media fuels the fire.

School administrators are flooded with security challenges. Traditional security at schools is inadequate. Plans need to go beyond a person at the door. With so many variables – parents visiting, kids coming and going, after school activities, sports, etc., it is becoming unmanageable.

School districts continue to feel pressure. There are legal risks of not taking action. Not only are there legal risks of not having a plan, procedures and drills but the safety of the students and staff are jeopardized.

With proper planning and procedures, parents are put at ease. Students, administrators, staff will know what to do in an emergency.

We have worked with local Police Departments and developed a school security safety plan which follows and incorporates the Department of Homeland Security procedures and New York State safety plan requirements.

Pro Protection Security is able to use both armed and unarmed Security Officers for schools. We only use active and retired Law Enforcement Officers for our armed guard positions. Both our armed and unarmed guards are highly trained at each specific school.

Our Active Shooter training confronts the threat by using our armed guards in well devised plans. All our Security Officers use emergency response plans developed by us and the schools. These plans include but are not limited to lockdown procedures, evacuation and sheltering policies.

We provide armed and unarmed security for all school events, athletics, proms and graduations. We also provide security for Universities and Religious Schools.

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