Retail Security

There are many challenges when it pertains to retail security. Theft, data breach, customer injuries and damage to inventory are just some of the potential security risks. A proper loss prevention plan must be taken into place. Theft can include shoplifters and also employee theft. Inventory must be protected. Security must also protect the customers, employees and the physical property of the retail store. Burglaries, larcenies and robberies are just some of the crimes that a successful security team can help prevent.

Pro Protection Security provides security for all types of retail stores. We combine customer service with our security services.

We can provide loss prevention agents, plainclothes and uniformed.

Pro Protection Security can also provide both armed and unarmed Security Officers for all retail stores. We only use active and retired Law Enforcement Officers for our armed guard positions. Both our armed and unarmed guards are highly trained at each specific location.

A strategic and effective plan will be executed between our staff and the store manager, security director or coordinator.

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