Construction Site Security

There are many security concerns regarding construction sites. Risk factors such as theft of copper and metal can cost a client large amount of money. Other thefts, vandalism, arson, graffiti, burglaries are just some of the crimes that can occur at construction sites. Fire and flooding are other potential concerns.

Having a highly trained, visible and alert security guard/officer is integral in the prevention of crimes at construction sites. Other security concerns such as fire and flooding can be prevented as well.

Pro Protection Security provides security for all types of construction sites. A security assessment is the first step in which starts our planning process. We also act as a liaison between local law enforcement and the community.

Armed & Unarmed Security Officers

Pro Protection Security can provide both armed and unarmed Security Officers. We only use active and retired Law Enforcement Officers for our armed guard positions. Both our armed and unarmed guards are highly trained at each specific location. We only use security professionals who are property trained a

nd vetted.

A strategic and effective plan will be executed between our staff and the project manager.

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